Competencies and certificates
according to the European Framework of Reference

The designations A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 indicate the competence levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (GER). They enable good comparability of acquired language skills and clearly state what one has to be able to do at the individual levels.

Would you like to prove your skills with an internationally recognized certificate? We prepare you competently and specifically for the level or exams you want (Goethe, ÖSD, TELC etc.) and, as an examination partner of the Goethe Institute Rabat, we also offer corresponding exams at Didactica in-house.

Ready, steady go 
– The level A1…

 … can understand and use colloquial and everyday expressions, as well as very simple statements and can introduce himself and others, ask a conversation partner about his or her person.

Exams: i.a. Start German A1 / ÖSD A1 / TELC A1 / DELF A1 / KET / Dele A1 In general, this level has to be proven in the case of family reunification

Ready to go for more
– The level A 2 …

 … can understand frequently used phrases and expressions in connection with direct  fields of great importance (personal information, work);
…. can communicate in simple and everyday situations, in connection with everyday topics of conversation and can speak in simple sentences about his origin, his education, his direct environment and his personal needs.

Exams: Goethe Certificate / ÖSD A2 / TELC A2 / DELF A2 / PET

Achieve Freedom 
– The Level B1 …

 … can understand essential points, provided that clear standard language is used and that it is everyday conversation content related to work, school, leisure and other things;

… can find his way around most travel situations and express himself in a simple and coherent way on everyday topics and topics from his or her field of interest.

Exams: Goethe-Zertifikat B1 / ÖSD B1 / TELC B1 / DELF B1 / FCB. This intermediate level is generally the prerequisite for acquiring German citizenship and must also be proven as a minimum requirement for applying for a university in Germany or for applying for a visa for study purposes.

Safe step further
– The level B2

… can understand essential points of concrete and abstract topics in complex texts;
… can follow discussions in his area of expertise and can communicate fluently and spontaneously to such an extent that a conversation with a native speaker does not create tension for either one or the other;
… can express himself in a clear and detailed manner on a range of topics.

Exams: i.a. Goethe Certificate B2 / ÖSD B2 / DELF B2 / CAE / DELE B2
This level is normally e.xpected if you want to do an apprenticeship or work as a specialist in Germany. This level is also required for pre-enrollment at many universities and preparatory classes.

On the Finishing line
– The level C1

… can understand a wide range of longer and more demanding texts and grasp implicit meanings;
… can use the language in an efficient and smooth way in his social, professional or student life;
… can express himself on complex topics in a clear, structured and precise manner.

Exams: Goethe / ÖSD Certificate C1 / TELC C1 / DALF C1 / DELE C1
This level has to be achieved in order to be able to follow courses at the university and study successfully.

High to the champion
– The Level C2

 … can understand everything he reads or hears practically without difficulty;
… can express himself spontaneously, fluently and in a precise way and recognize finer nuances of meaning even in more complex situations.

Exams: Goethe / ÖSD Certificate C2 / TELC C2 / DALF C2.
This level represents a very confident, quasi-native language competence.