Our Projects

Raum in der Villa Verte in Oujda
Didactica is more than a language school. Because courses and days go by, but memories and experiences remain, we want to build bridges, connect worlds, make inter-culture tangible. That is why we keep getting big and small projects off the ground with artistic, educational, social or linguistic demands.
In 2011 we also founded an association for this purpose and since then, with the “Villa Verte”, we also have a house with a beautiful ambience, ideal for exquisite events, open to all interested parties. Many of our projects have attracted attention in our region, far outside, and far beyond, and have been a topic in the press and television. A small selection:


Art and culture from the Oriental region. Kick-off of our support association “West-Eastern Divan”, in cooperation with artists from the region. Opening of the exhibition with the German ambassador.

“The Calm before the storm” (2014)

An exhibition by the Austrian Foreign Ministry on the period before 1914, accompanied by workshops on Austria and Austrian personalities. Opening of the exhibition with the Austrian ambassador.

The Art of Friendship (2017/2018)

A series of events around a Berlin ‘Buddy Bear’ for Morocco. With the artist Salima Abdelhak; in cooperation with the German Embassy; Closing event on national TV news.

Open your Eyes! – Graffiti Workshop (2013)

 A graffiti project with a workshop under the direction of the German artist Beni Veltum for young people from our city; in cooperation with the Moroccan Ministry of Health and the German Embassy.

Photo Exhibition (2016)

“View of the Others” – an international photo exhibition with cultural performances by German learners, in cooperation with the Austrian embassy. Opening with the Chancellor of the Austrian Embassy, Rabat.

Getting things done (2016)

An exhibition by the Austrian Foreign Ministry on sustainable architecture and craft in Austria; in cooperation with the Austrian Embassy; Opening with the Chancellor of the Austrian Embassy.

30 Years Fall of the wall (2019)

A series of events on the fall of the Berlin Wall and the design of a piece of wall with the Berlin graffiti artist Tim Schreiber, co-organization with the German Embassy.

About Germany (2019)

Information event on studying and working in Germany, on the initiative of Didactica, in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Oujda, with organizations such as DAAD, AvH, GIZ, SES and others.

New Year’s Reception (annual, 11th Jan.)

Something very special is our annual New Year’s reception with activities around New Year’s Eve all over the world, games, music and more. Closed event.

Building Bridges (2018)

An exhibition between the worlds with the artists Thyra Holst (Cologne), Hamid Boukheraz (Morocco) and the photographer Anjan Gosh (India). Opening in the Villa Verte with Mrs. Regenbogen from the Goethe Institute.

Children’s day (annual, 1st Juni)

An annual highlight for Didactica’s children: our Children’s Day, we offer space for various activities, workshops, games, competitions and more. Closed event.

Exhibitions of the Goethe Institute 

We show various exhibitions and supervise events of the Goethe Institute Rabat in Oujda, including “In our heads we were already in Germany”, “Jung.de” “Cities and Landscapes”, “Music”, “German Opens Doors” and others.

“Frauen(t)räume” – Space for Women dreams (annual, 8. März)

An annual highlight by women for women: On Women’s Day, we offer space for various women’s issues, workshops, fashion shows and more. Closed event.

‘Evening bread’ – german dinner (annual, in November)

“Oh how happy I am in the evening” – “Oh how happy I am in the evening” – One of our most popular, recurring events on everyday culture is our dinner event ‘Abendbrot’ which means litteraly “evening bread’, including information and tastings. Closed events for German learners.

GErman Traces in Tanger (2017)

An exhibition by the DMG association in the Villa Verte, accompanied by a project-oriented search for traces of migration history and stories in our region; Opening with the cultural officer of the German embassy.

Japanese day, Oujda University (2017)

 A ‘Haiku’ photo exhibition with Japanese poems, made by Moroccan students in German as a contribution by Didactica to the Japanese Day at the University of Oujda.

Excursion of Bonn University (2012)

Didactica students receive geography students from the  University of Bonn as guests at home and work with them on the subject of migration, in cooperation with the universities of Oujda and Bonn.