Schüler*innen bie Veranstaltung vor der Schule

“He who doesn’t know foreign languages knows nothing about his own.”

Johann Wolfgang Goethe 

The languages


Learn German as a Foreign Language (DAF) with us! That is our core competence. But we also offer courses in other modern foreign languages such as French, Spanish, English, Flemish or Italian and Arabic.

You will find at Didactica  courses at different levels (A1-C1) with classes for beginners to experts and for different age and target groups with courses for children and teenagers, for adults and special courses such as for students.

Our courses are adapted to your previous knowledge and your goals. It doesn’t matter whether you want to study or work abroad, migrate there for your family or whether you want to travel and just want to learn at Didacatica out of an interest in culture and language: we are there for you.

The methods


Our courses are communicative and action-oriented. With us, you will learn with your head, heart and hand. At the same time, you will practice reading, listening, writing and speaking skills as required for all common language certificates. Our goal is your success and we will prepare you thoroughly for all specific language exams. But learning at Didactica should also be fun:

“You Can also build something Beautiful
from stones that are placed in your path.”

 (allegedly also Goethe, a fake quote, nevertheless a good way of looking at things)

The trainer


Our teachers are all open-minded and warm-hearted. They go to their classes with joy, humor and creativity and they know how to create a special, magic atmosphere in their courses. As native speakers or competent teachers with the appropriate language level, they naturally act professionally and at the same time they are enthusiastic and always open to new ideas, exchange and further development. 

Our guiding principle is as simple as it is old: 

“To teach is to start a fire and not fill an empty bucket.”



Die Lernorte


Im Zentrum des Lernens steht unser Schulhaus in Oujda, Marokko. Hier bieten wir in schöner Atmosphäre und netten offline – Lerngruppen klassischen Präsenzkursen.

Vor Ort können alle Deutschlernende außerdem unsere Bibliothek zum Lesen und Lernen nutzen.

Auf unserer Lernplattform bieten wir darüber hinaus ein umfangreiches Kursmaterial (A1-B1/2) mit zahlreichen Texten, Videoclips und  interaktiven Übungen. Für Lernende von Didactica steht dies zur kostenfreien Nutzung zur Verfügung. 

Als Selbstlernkurs  mit klarer Progression (A1-B1) kann die Plattform gegen einen geringen Beitrag auch von externen Lerner*innen genutzt werden.

Online-Einzelstunden können dazu gebucht werden, ebenso Sitzungen für  Mini-Guppen.


New Courses


New courses start throughout the school year. According to our possibilities, we try  to offer a wide range of different courses or times and intensities: in the mornings, afternoons and evenings or on weekends and this as  (super) intensive courses, normal or extensive classes. One level of German includes 100 lessons in face-to-face teaching.
You can find out the exact times for new courses on site in Oujda, or on request by email, as well as prices and special offers. We publish announcements for new courses for beginners or free capacities on our Facebook page with the above layout. The advertisements for other courses have a similar form. Advertised courses are usually booked out very quickly, especially for German. Please understand that we there is no waiting list. For follow-up courses, however, you will be informed by your teacher about the possibility of re-registration and given priority.

Didactica on You Tube


We tried to use the Corona period creatively and produced some learning clips. They are not perfect and do not replace a course, but they may be helpful and interesting for you, for instance if you have to wait for a new level. You are welcome to have a look and to subscribe to “Deutsch mit Didactica”.