We and our house

We don’t live in two worlds, we are two worlds. We are intercultural, open and communicative and we offer German and other languages in Morocco and around the world.

We have been in Oujda since 2002 and we have a house with ten bright rooms, a courtyard, a café, a break room and a library. We are recognized as a school by the Moroccan Ministry of Education (MEN) and are examination partners of the Goethe Institute. We offer you the right German course at a reasonable price, as well as a very special learning atmosphere. We guarantee you a nice and effective time at our school in Morocco, but we are also happy to accompany you online anywhere in the world.

The language school Didactica in Morocco - 44, Boulevard Mohammed VI, Oujda
Dr. Ute Kiefer with the Buddy Bear for Morocco

The founder: Dr. Ute Kiefer

As a pedagogue with heart and soul and a committed bridge builder, she has shaped the style of Didactica since the school was founded in 2002.

Before working as managing director of Didactica, she worked in Germany as a teacher and trainer in vocational education and training and was involved in teacher training. She studied economics, pedagogy and romance languages ​​and did her doctorate at the PH Karlsruhe on migration for education.

She is also a creative all-rounder and, in addition to strategic planning, is responsible for many projects at Didactica. One of her favorite projects was the Berlin Buddy Bear for Morocco.


Didactica’s strength lies in its team. A dozen very competent, friendly and committed employees are now part of it. We all have special work and life experience and lots of creative ideas that we bring in with joy and humor. Our teachers know how to arouse enthusiasm. They are not only competent teachers, but also interesting conversation partners and they are the guarantee for a nice and effective time at our language school. They are happy to accompany you on your discovery of a new language and culture.Unsere Stärke liegt im Team.

Learning with head, heart and hand - children's class with Rachida
Teaching and learning with humor - German with Samira & Mohammed
Teaching through comprehensive course events for Germanl learners
Learning with music - beyond the class for children in French

Our Mission: Learning with all your senses

“Nomen est omen” – Our name, Didactica, is our program and reflects our mission: Didactics (διδάσκειν), whose roots go back to the ancient philosophers of Greece and to oriental cultures, is nothing more than “the art of teaching”. At Didactica, we attach great importance to continually perfecting ourselves in this “art of teaching” in order to be able to offer you both success and joy in learning. We want to teach and learn with all your senses, so that you can learn not only with your head, but also with your heart and hand.

Our Learners

Our focus is on German. Most of our students learn German with us in order to study, to work or to do an apprenticeship in Germany later.

We not only accompany learners from the first sentences in German to the required language exams, but we also offer them competent assistance with applications, job searches and the preparation of their migration project.

For career purposes or for personal reasons, many learners also improve their French with us. Here we also have many courses especially for children and teenagers. We also offer intercultural trainings as well as courses in English and other languages.

Information about studying in Germany for learners from Didactica and friends (2019)